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Hummingbot is an open source software client that helps you build and run high-frequency crypto trading bots.

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What is Hummingbot?

Open source software that helps you deploy automated, high-frequency trading bots that run on any crypto exchange.

  • Open codebase licensed under Apache 2.0

  • Supports both centralized and decentralized exchanges

  • Customizable strategies for market making and arbitrage

  • Run on any operating system or in the cloud

Why Hummingbot?


We engineered Hummingbot to meet the requirements of leading quant crypto hedge funds. Hummingbot's trading engine uses Cython to execute all requests in low-level C, while its data fetcher uses WebSockets to stream real-time Level 2 order book data.

Open Source

We believe that a publicly-auditable open source codebase is the only surefire way to prevent hackers from injecting malicious backdoor code that can steal your crypto. Licensed under Apache 2.0, Hummingbot will always be open and free.


Like Bitcoin mining software, Hummingbot utilizes a local software client architecture. Users have full control over what data they send externally, and we never have access to any user's private keys and API keys.

Liquidity Mining

We have partnered with top crypto projects and exchanges to reward users for providing liquidity with Hummingbot. Earn passive income by running market making bots with Hummingbot (coming in early 2020).

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What will you build with Hummingbot?



Run a bot that looks for chances to buy low on one exchange and sell higher on another.


Market Making

Run a bot that provides liquidity by maintaining buy and sell orders on the order book.



Clone liquidity from one exchange to another. A blend of Arbitrage and Market Making.

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