Democratizing algo trading

Our mission is to give everyone access to superpowers like algorithmic trading that were previously available only to large financial institutions. We believe this will lead to a more open, fair, and inclusive financial world.

The hummingbot origin story


Our team leverages decades of industry experience from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

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Hummingbot utilizes cutting edge technologies in order to stream real-time order book data and execute trades at millisecond-scale. Built by a team of experienced data scientists and data engineers, Hummingbot optimizes for the modern machine learning pipeline.

Hummingbot ships with templates for common algorithmic trading strategies such as arbitrage, market making, and mirroring. Advanced users can also utilize our plugin-based architecture to create and customize their own strategies. In addition, Hummingbot supports both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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Why are you making Hummingbot available to the general public rather than just running it in-house?

CoinAlpha, the company behind Hummingbot, is a venture-backed software startup. We believe that we can make a much bigger long-term impact by making our technology available to everyone, rather than keeping it to ourselves.

Why are you making Hummingbot open source?

Closed source code for trading crypto carries the inherent risk that it may contain malicious backdoor code that can steal users' assets at any time. We believe that a publicly auditable, open source codebase is the best defense against this attack vector.

How do you make money?

We make money by operating Liquidity Mining campaigns for crypto projects and exchanges. In Liquidity Mining, projects and exchanges can source liquidity from their community members and the general market, rather than from hedge funds who charge expensive rates for market making services.

Are my private keys and API keys secure?

Since Hummingbot is a local client, your private keys and API keys are as secure as the computer you use. The keys are only used to sign authorized instructions locally on the local machine, and only signed/authorized transactions are sent out from the client. Always use caution and make sure the computer you are running Hummingbot on is safe, secure, and free from unauthorized access.

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