New feature announcement: email login

New feature announcement: email login

Blog » New feature announcement: email login

Yvonne Zhang

August 5, 2020 · 2 min read

liquidity mining

Tired of signing Metamask messages? Good news - You no longer have to.

We have deprecated our previous wallet login feature (including Metamask / wallet connect / ledger, etc). Instead, we are migrating all miners to our new email login feature, powered by Magic.

Benefits of email login:

  1. An Ethereum wallet is no longer required when logging into the miners app. This allows for a much smoother onboarding experience.

  2. To make it easier to log in to miner app on mobile and tablet devices, where Metamask is not available.

  3. Users can receive payouts directly on Binance (by entering your Binance ETH deposit address in the Settings page)

Migrating from old login:

Migrating from wallet login to email login cannot be easier.

  1. Simply click on Log In and navigate to the login page.

  2. Enter the email you previous used to register for the miner app and click "Log in". Make sure to keep this tab open.

    *If you forgot your email or no longer have access to that email account, please contact Support.

  3. Go to your email - you should have received an email from Hummingbot Miner. email log in

  4. Open the email and click on "Log in to Hummingbot Miner".

  5. Return to the previous open tab. That's it. You're logged in! logged in

  6. If you navigate to the Settings page, you should see that your previous Ethereum wallet is already connected.

    You will continue to receive payouts in the same address. Or if you prefer, you may edit the Ethereum address to receive payouts in a different wallet, or on Binance directly (How to get your ETH deposit address on Binance). connect wallet

Get recognized on the leaderboard:

  1. You may edit your Display name in the Settings page. This is your nickname that shows up on the leaderboard instead of your Ethereum address. This should help you locate your placement and allow others to admire your achievements. edit display name leaderboard

Signing up as a new user:

  1. Navigate to the Sign up page. sign up

  2. Simply enter your email address and click Agree to terms and conditions, and click Create Account. You should see a popup window that instructs you to check your email.

  3. Once you confirm your email address. You should already be logged in to Hummingbot Miner. You can then proceed to complete the rest of the onboarding process, following the steps on the Settings page.

Hope you enjoy this new feature. Happy mining!

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