Hummingbot partners with exchange for high frequency trading and liquidity mining

Blog»Hummingbot partners with exchange for high frequency trading and liquidity mining
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Carlo P. Las Marias

2020-09-09 · 3 min read

Hummingbot is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with leading crypto exchange Exchange to integrate Hummingbot’s trading capabilities and bring liquidity mining to the exchange.

We view our collaboration with Exchange as an important strategic partnership, due to our shared commitment to trading efficiency, liquidity, and deep order books. has initiatives to promote trading competitions and includes liquidity mining as an important part of boosting liquidity on its platform. has committed to sponsoring Hummingbot’s Liquidity Mining campaigns to reward users and communities providing market making and liquidity to its exchange.

Open-source, high-frequency trading for users

We have just released the latest version of Hummingbot v0.31.0 which includes an integration to Exchange. This integration enables’s account holders to deploy Hummingbot’s quantitative and algorithmic strategies to engage in high frequency, automated trading. Strategies currently available include market making, arbitrage, liquidity mirroring, as well as trade execution strategies such as TWAP and VWAP execution. Hummingbot also allows users to create their own custom strategies. Hummingbot has been battle-tested by thousands of users from its vibrant and engaged open-source community.

Liquidity Mining Infrastructure

Hummingbot will also be integrating its data systems and infrastructure to enable liquidity mining campaigns on We are targeting to roll out the liquidity mining infrastructure for by the beginning of Q4 2020.

The liquidity mining infrastructure integration includes trade data and real-time exchange order book collection, trade monitoring and verification, automated rewards payouts, as well as dashboards to report live liquidity mining returns, performance, and leaderboards. In addition, Team Hummingbot will provide 24/7 live user support, marketing collaboration, and performance data reports.

Upon completion of the liquidity mining systems integration, has committed to offering reward pools for liquidity mining campaigns that reward users of Hummingbot for providing liquidity on the exchange for a wide range of tokens.

We are looking forward to being able to offer token issuers who have listed on a more economical, transparent, and fair alternative to hiring professional market makers for promoting liquidity and trading efficiency for their tokens. Affiliate

Hummingbot is an affiliate of Anyone who signs up to Exchange, creates a new account, and passes Advanced KYC using Hummingbot’s affiliate code (hummingbotcro) will receive the following incentives:


One of Hummingbot’s core beliefs is that efficient trading and token liquidity is essential to the long-term adoption of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we believe that a decentralized, community-based and open approach, rather than relying on a limited group of quant fund/crypto market makers, is a long-term and sustainable way of achieving this. We have committed to keeping Hummingbot open-source and free for everyone, always. We appreciate our partners such as that help us to continue building on and maintaining Hummingbot.

About Exchange was founded in 2016 on a simple belief: it’s a basic human right for everyone to control their money, data and identity. serves over 3 million customers today, providing them with a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through the App, the Card and the Exchange.

Additional Information

For additional information, please navigate to the following pages:

🏛 Token issuersif your token is listed on or on any of the exchanges that Hummingbot is integrated with, please contact the team at to learn more about our liquidity mining campaigns.

*CRO received as a deposit bonus during our ‘2% deposit bonus’ promotion does not count towards this staking requirement. **Sign-up Bonus is based on your first CRO stake amount.

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