New feature announcement: XZC native token payments!

New feature announcement: XZC native token payments!

Blog»New feature announcement: XZC native token payments!


Carlo P. Las Marias

2020-09-08 · 2 min read


We are rolling out XZC native token payments for the Zcoin liquidity mining campaign! In the rewards periods starting September 15, 2020 12.00am UTC, miners participating in the Zcoin liquidity mining campaign will start earning and be paid in XZC tokens.

Hummingbot Miners now supports payments on non-Ethereum based blockchains and we will soon be announcing additional campaigns paying out native tokens on their own blockchains.

Miners participating in the XZC liquidity mining campaign are also not subject to a minimum rewards amount for payout. Due to the current extremely high cost of gas on the Ethereum blockchain, we currently impose a minimum rewards payment value amount of USD 10, and wait until a miner has accumulated the minimum amount until their rewards are paid out. This minimum rewards amount applies for USDC and ERC20 token rewards payments. Since the XZC blockchain supports multiple payments in a single transaction in addition to having low transaction costs, any amount of XZC rewards earned by any miner will be paid out for each period.

Setting up your XZC wallet in Hummingbot Miners

In order to receive XZC payments for mining rewards, you will need to enter your XZC wallet address into the Hummingbot Miners app:


You can use any of the Zcoin wallets listed here or enter your Binance XZC deposit address.

XZC campaign terms

The Zcoin reward pool for the next month will be XZC 1000¹, which is approximately USD 4,820 based on today’s current price of $4.82. This is over a 60% increase versus the previous reward pool of USDC 3,000.

Rewards will be as follows:


This new reward amount will be effective from the weekly rewards period starting from September 15, 2020 12.00am UTC.

Note: 1) Amounts are subject to change depending on market conditions. For the most up-to-date terms, please see the Hummingbot Miners app or liquidity mining documentation.

Additional Information

Token issuers: please contact the team at to learn more about running Hummingbot Miners liquidity mining campaigns for your tokens.

Liquidity mining campaigns are currently live on We are planning to launch liquidity mining campaigns on KuCoin at the end of September.

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