Announcing the Binance Chain BEP2 integration

Announcing the Binance Chain BEP2 integration

Blog » Announcing the Binance Chain BEP2 integration

Yingdan Liang

March 15, 2021 · 1 min read


As part of our ongoing collaboration with Binance, we are excited to roll out the Binance chain BEP2 integration to support token payout using Binance chain for our liquidity campaigns. Starting from Monday, March 15th, 2021, users participating in the PHB campaigns will be able to receive token rewards in their Binance chain wallet. You can also find the updated reward schedule here.

How to connect the Binance chain wallet

Go to Settings, and click on Wallets. wallets

Enter your Binance chain wallet address and memo to receive rewards. memo

Please refer to here for instructions on how to set up and add your Binance Chain wallet.

What’s next

As the Binance chain payout infrastructure has been in place, we are ready to implement payouts using the Binance chain for more liquidity mining partners in the future.

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