🌊⛏Launching NEM Liquidity Mining Campaign on KuCoin

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Yingdan Liang

2021-03-03 · 3 min read

During the past four months since the NEM liquidity mining campaign launched on Binance.com, 347 distinct individuals have participated and earned rewards. Within the past single week ended March 2nd, we saw 113 distinct individuals participate in the campaign. The total filled order volume contributed by miners has reached US$172m in total. The liquidity miners have been able to contribute as much as 11% of total XEM trading volume on Binance, and as much as 50% for the XEM/ETH trading pairs. The open order book volume created by miners peaked at US50K for the XEM/BTC pair and US36K for the XEM/ETH pair.


As a big supporter of our community-based liquidity provision approach, NEM really resonates with our vision to bring the algorithmic trading superpowers to everyone and enable anyone to be a market maker. Impressed by the great participation from our community, NEM has decided to bring its liquidity mining campaign to KuCoin with a total monthly reward pool of approximately US$ 5,000! The campaign will start on March 9, 2021, 12:00 am UTC.

About NEM

NEM Group supports the development of Symbol from NEM, a trusted and secure enterprise blockchain that smooths business friction, increasing the flow of data and innovation to supercharge the creation, exchange and protection of assets. NEM Group comprises three separate entities: NEM Software, NEM Trading, and NEM Ventures. NEM Group shapes the future of blockchain by nurturing a strong and healthy ecosystem that will contribute to the development of blockchain technology for generations to come.

Campaign Terms²

  • Start date: March 9, 2021 12:00am UTC

  • Total reward pool*: ~US$5,000 / month (XEM 1,560 / week)

  • Reward token: XEM

  • Eligible token pairs: XEM-USDT and XEM-BTC (rewards will be split equally)

  • Eligible orders: maker orders placed with spreads of 1.5% or lower

  • Exchange: kucoin.com

*For full terms of the campaign, please see liquidity mining campaign terms.

To learn more about liquidity mining, see below:

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