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Dev Diary

Paulo H B Rebouças

2021-08-06 · 4 min read

Welcome back to another development diary, where we bring updates on what our team is working on and a bit about the plans.

Today we will talk a bit about making the Hummingbot Client operate as the user want to.

Being an open-source project plays a significant role in how deep our users can change the code to fit their trading needs.

This dev diary is also on Reddit, so we appreciate any feedback about its contents.

Let’s talk about scripts

With version 0.29, we added the possibility to create scripts that can change the behavior of the strategies.

The core idea that drove the implementation scripts was to offer traders an easier and faster way to customize their strategy.

But this approach brought up our attention to some issues, including:

  • Scripts have limitations on what can be changed when the bot is running

  • Reducing these limitations means spending development time on duplicated features (custom strategies), with one of them being less efficient

  • Scripts don’t work on the binary versions

Based on that, we are planning on deprecating scripts from the codebase.

Instead of improving scripts usability, our goal is to make it easier and faster to create custom strategies that use the full power of the core functionality of the Hummingbot Client.

There is no fixed date yet as to when the removal of scripts will happen, but an essential requirement for that to happen is to reach a point where creating a custom strategy is as easy as creating a script.

Making strategy creation better

As can be seen on one of our live streams, putting your trading idea inside hummingbot can be a bit complicated, especially if you know more about trading than coding.

The example above is just the starting point of creating a strategy.

For those that want to focus on learning more about what makes a trading strategy good and profitable and less on how to code on Python, this might end up becoming a barrier.

Improving this process has been a centerpiece of our team discussions in the last months, and we do have some possible solutions coming.

But what do you think would be a good improvement in this area?

As we mentioned in the latest Development Diary, community feedback and participation are engines that help our team improve Hummingbot.

Feel free to add your thoughts on our Reddit or reach us on our Discord channel to tell us how you think strategy creation can be improved.

Good documentation is important

Another area our team has been working on is improving the developer’s documentation.

Our goal is to have precise specifications on how each piece of the code works and how independent developers can make better use of Hummingbot core functionalities, from core modules to connectors and strategies.

Two major changes are coming in the next few days:

  • Documentation will be added to the main Hummingbot client. This will make it easier for our team to deploy updates

  • A new and better documentation portal will be available, allowing better accessibility of its contents.

These changes also mean that it will be easier for the community to create Pull Requests with documentation improvements.

What happened in the last two weeks

This development diary is also an opportunity for us to communicate with you what has been happening backstage.

Version 0.42 is arriving next week, and here are a few things you can expect from it (more details on the upcoming release notes):

  • A new connector added: NDAX

  • Major bug fixes affecting Ascendex performance

  • API throttler improvements

Reminder: You can vote on what reported bugs you think our team should prioritize. Read this article to learn how.

The plan for the next sprints

In the following days, our team will be focusing on the following improvements:

  • Continue improving the API throttler performance

  • New connector: Bybit

  • Maintenance of the code base, removing unused features

Thank you for your support

We reached the end of our second Development Diary, and every two weeks, a new one will be published with what is happening during our development cycles.

Feel free to let us know what you think about it to keep improving Hummingbot with your feedback.

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