One Ecosystem,

Endless Opportunities

Starting as the tech stack of a quant crypto hedge fund, Hummingbot has evolved into the world's most popular open source market making bot, with 30+exchange connectors and 0 code contributors.

We then pioneered the idea of decentralized market making by writing the original "Liquidity Mining" whitepaper and building Hummingbot Miner, where individual market makers can earn rewards by providing liquidity to token issuers on different exchanges.

Together, we will democratize liquidity provision.

Where do you fit in the journey?


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Exchange partners large and small join together with Hummingbot to bring a passionate user base of individual market makers to their platforms.

Centralized, Decentralized, Not Yet Identified? Hummingbot connects to them all and brings the power of community market making.

Case studies

Case studies


When our founders wrote the original "Liquidity Mining" whitepaper, they could not have predicted the success of the Hummingbot Miner. The platform serves token issuers with a more effective, lower cost, higher visibility solution to providing liquidity for their projects.

Since launch in March 2020, Hummingbot Miner has enabled 2,400 market makers to provide liquidity to 25 token issuers, with market caps ranging from single-digit millions to multi-billions, resulting in $2.0 billion of filled order volume.

&Traditional Finance

Welcome to the crypto party! Our backgrounds are in traditional finance at some of the world's largest institutions. We understand your enterprise operations, corporate compliance, and budgetary constraints.

We also know how to navigate the maze of cryptocurrency to open new doors for everyone from FOREX desks to Hedge Funds. The result? Real world experience on the CoinAlpha team and in our Partner network that is delivering significant financial gains in the rapidly expanding crypto asset markets.

Case studies


We've made some great connections along the journey...and even better friends. We need all types of participants including market making firms, software development shops, independent developers, family offices, pro traders, and more.

We engage with strategic partners to add value to the Hummingbot ecosystem:

  • Connecting token issuers with Hummingbot-affiliated market makers
  • Connecting providers and buyers of Hummingbot development work, such as new connectors or custom strategies
  • Enabling professional trading firms to customize and extend Hummingbot
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