ONE Makers | The Harmony Liquidity Bounty

Earn rewards by market making for $ONE*

Market Making, for ONE and All.

Introducing $ONE Makers

Harmony's mission is to scale open consensus for 10 billion people. Hummingbot's mission is to democratize algorithmic trading with free, open source software.

Together, we are incredibly excited to announce $ONE Makers, a liquidity bounty program that rewards our joint communities for providing liquidity to the Harmony token, $ONE. Anyone who uses Hummingbot to build and run a market making bot for $ONE can earn additional rewards based on their liquidity contribution.

How it works

Install Hummingbot

Install our free, open source market making software client

Run a bot that trades $ONE

Use our templates to build and run a market making bot for ONE

Compete and earn rewards

Earn rewards based on your trading volume and monthly rankings

See the reward tiers, participation info, and other details

Where to trade $ONE

Start earning rewards

We'll email you a step-by-step guide on how to get started with $ONE Makers.

Important Disclaimer

* Participating users must agree to the Liquidity Bounty Program Terms and Conditions.