Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining

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Decentralized Market Making*

Liquidity mining allows token issuers to source liquidity from a decentralized network instead of hiring a single market maker. Rewards are allocated proportionally based on how much observed liquidity each miner provides on exchange order books.

  • Open - Anyone in the world can participate*

  • Real time - Track your earnings every minute

  • Non-custodial - We can't access your tokens

How it works

How It Works

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Sign up with your ETH wallet and email address. No KYC required².

Step 2

Run Hummingbot

Run a market making bot that maintains buy and sell orders on the order book.

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Get paid*

Accumulate token rewards every minute. Get paid at the end of the week.

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Liquidity Mining FAQs

Why is it called Liquidity Mining?

Similar to proof-of-work mining, participants run open source software using their own token resources in order to earn periodic rewards while contributing to a common goal.

What is market making?

Market making is the act of simultaneously creating buy and sell orders for an asset in a market. By doing so, a market maker acts as a liquidity provider, facilitating other market participants to trade by giving them the ability to fill the market maker's orders.

How do you measure liquidity?

We believe that slippage is the optimal metric to quantify liquidity. Slippage refers to the difference between the observed mid-market price and the actual executed price for a trade of a given size. Deep, liquid order books have low slippage, while thin, illiquid order books have high slippage.

How do you make money?

We are compensated by our Liquidity Mining partners to administer liquidity mining campaigns, collect the data necessary to verify the trading activity of participants, and engage users to participate in liquidity mining campaigns.

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* Important disclaimer

The content of this Site does not constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice: none of the information contained on this Site constitutes a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or to provide any investment advice or service.

No guarantee of profit: CoinAlpha does not claim that liquidity mining and participation in liquidity mining campaigns will be profitable, however measured, for the user.


  1. Decentralized Market Making diagram uses U.S. Dollars for illustrative purposes only; actual reward terms may vary.

  2. Hummingbot may be require some information from U.S. persons engaged in liquidity mining from the U.S. whose cumulative payments exceed $600 in a calendar year.

Please review the Liquidity Mining Policy for the full disclaimer, including policies related to the use of Hummingbot.