Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining

Launching in early 2020

Market making, democratized

For Token Projects and Exchanges

Market making is essential to creating a liquid market for your token. But since market making requires sophisticated algorithms and high-frequency trading infrastructure, only quantitative hedge funds who charge exorbitant fees have been able to provide this valuable service. Until now.

Using the free and open source Hummingbot software, anyone with access to a computer can now create and run high-frequency market making bots.

With Liquidity Mining, token projects can now leverage their native communities to act as maket makers. We help projects build and run custom bounty programs that reward participants based on how much liquidity they provide in a given time period.

Liquidity Mining will launch in early 2020 with top projects and exchanges as launch partners. Learn more in our announcement blog post.


Boost liquidity

Create liquid, actively traded, and orderly markets for your token

Save money

Leverage your community rather than paying expensive hedge funds

Grow your community

Use gamification to attract algo traders into your community

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