Hummingbot X Harmony ONE Makers Quick Tutorial

Hummingbot X Harmony ONE Makers Quick Tutorial

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Note: The video is for demonstration purpose only.

The minimum order size for most trading pairs on Binance is $10 (or 10 USDT), so this means that your order size should exceed 500 $ONE (as of June 25, 2019).

Hummingbot is experimental software. Users should read the disclaimer at the bottom prior to use and use at their own risk.

Harmony's mission is to scale open consensus for 10 billion people. Hummingbot's mission is to democratize algorithmic trading with free, open source software.

Together, we are incredibly excited to announce ONE Makers, a liquidity bounty program that rewards our joint communities for providing liquidity to the Harmony token, ONE. Anyone who uses Hummingbot to build and run a market making bot for ONE can earn additional ONE tokens.

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For token projects interested in liquidity bounty partnerships, please visit Liquidity Bounties or email us at

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