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Hackathon winner announcement

Paulo Henrique B. Rebouças

2021-05-26 · 2 min read

The Open-Defi Hackathon has come to an end! Thanks to everyone who has participated in and supported the hackathon.

Along with many other great blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, we have received some amazing submissions from our community:

Although we had 2 participants joining Bounty #2, no entry were submitted to Gitcoin before the hackathon deadline. For Bounty #1, we have 3 really interesting submissions that are great examples of how Hummingbot can be customized to run totally different strategies.

Here is a quick description of each one of strategies submitted by participants ordered by date:

Bollinger Band Breakout

Pull Request

Created by @shankinson, this trend-following strategy uses the Bollinger Bands indicator, calculated inside the strategy files, to look for entry and exit points.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Pull Request

A common long-term investment strategy is to buy smaller amounts over a long period, building a better final average cost of the asset you are investing in. This is exactly what @hhio618 implemented: a strategy to divide the total amount to be invested, but splitting the total amount in smaller orders through a set period of time.

Aroon Oscillator Market Making

Pull Request

Adding another technical analysis to the mix, @squarelover implemented the Aroon Indicators to the pure_market_making strategy, and used them to try to find out when an uptrend or downtrend starts to happens on the market, and order the bot to adjust the spreads accordingly.


Aroon Oscillator Market Making by @squarelover (0x6162A4A05af748aFC0770018CA04024ea62CD173) with the Bollinger Band Breakout by @shankinson (0x5e1C9A3cA71b13613D1dba9d5acDa98dd2232Af2) as the runner up!

We have completed the payout of 1,500 USDT bounty reward and 500 USDT tips to @squarelover's and @shankinson's wallet addresses listed above respectively. Congratulations!

What’s next?

For the winner submission, our team will get in touch with the developer @squarelover to discuss the best way to incorporate his Pull Request to the master branch of our Github repository.

If you are interested in watching over 20 OpenDefi hackathon winners present their creations, don't miss out on the Demo Day on May 28th! Register here.

As an open-source project, we understand that community contributions are a great way to better our project. In the future, we are going to host or sponsor more exciting bounties and hackathons to incentivize community contributions. Stay tuned!


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