Introducing the NEW Eagle Club

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Yingdan Liang

2021-08-10 · 2 min read

Since the launch of our Eagle Club, the invite-only VIP program for Hummingbot’s power miners, we have welcomed 130 members to the Club! Thanks to every member who has joined and mastered liquidity mining. The Eagle Club has been not only a VIP program that Team Hummingbot will devote energy and time to, but also a close-knit community for experienced crypto traders to share their thoughts and obtain personalized support. 

Since we plan to eventually invite 10% of the total user base (~3,000 registered miners) to the Club and provide aspiring miners more opportunities to be accepted and enjoy the VIP program, we are now excited to announce new qualification criteria for Eagle Club. The new criteria will be only applied prospectively from the announcement date. The existing Club members will not be affected.  


Any miner who has earned 0.3% of the total four-week rewards distributed on Hummingbot Miner. The calculation will be done every four weeks, not on a rolling basis.

The first four weeks will be August 3, 2021 - August 31, 2021. The next new batch of Eagle Club members will be notified on September 2, 2021.

Members who are qualified for the Club will be receiving an invitation email sent every four campaign periods/weeks. 

Anyone who gets in will stay in the Club permanently. 


The Eagle Club members will be eligible to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Access to a private priority support Discord channel

  • Special "Eagle Club" role in our Discord channel and badge on the Leaderboard

  • 🆕 Virtual office hours: members will be invited to our “office” through gather town on a bi-weekly basis

  • 🆕 Free US$5K AWS credits 

  • Exclusive swag sent to your door no matter where you are

  • 🆕 Surprise hardware wallet: a hardware wallet might be sent to members who are 1) active on Discord discussions, or 2) maintaining top positions for over one month

  • Preview of new/Beta Hummingbot and Hummingbot Miner features

  • Special wish lucky draw: Each member can raise a wish that’s related to Hummingbot or Liquidity Mining, and the Hummingbot core team will do an annual lucky draw and realize one of the wishes

We are excited to have you join our new Club! Happy mining!


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Introducing the NEW Eagle Club
Introducing the NEW Eagle Club

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